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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Clay Stars

I Can:

Make a clay slab

Cut my clay slab with cutters

Add pattern to my clay

Paint and finish my clay


Clay Butterflies

I Can:

Create a clay slab

Use cutters to cut the slabs

“Scratch and attach ” clay pieces together

Add paint in a symmetrical pattern and gloss to finish.

Owl Drawing

I can:

Use shapes to make an Owl

Add textures and details to create owl traits.

Thumb Owls

I Can:

Make a Pinch Pot

Manipulate the Pinch Pot over my thumb to form an owl

Use glazes to add color

Clay Sunflower Plates

I Can:

Make a clay slab

Manipulate my clay by adding textures and cutting a shape

Paint my clay

The Starry Night

I Can:

Tell about Vincent VanGogh

Tell about VanGogh’s Starry Night Painting

Create my own Starry Night